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Founded in 2009 with the goal to provide a new approach to business IT, rework the traditional costing model and facilitate positive change through the use of cloud systems, CT4 has grown into a global cloud hosting service provider and specialist software and application development company. 

CT4 was formed in 2009 as one of the first Australian private cloud providers, established as a leader in IT services and IoT software with a wealth of expertise, operating in 7 countries.    

CT4 is backed by an agile and experienced multi-disciplinary team. Our agile practice allows us to grow and develop quickly as the market requirements change. With a network of regional offices, nine tier III and IV data centres and 24/7 support services around the world, we are well placed to service your business requirements.  

At CT4, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity, technical ability and customer service. We will always act in a professional manner, adhering to the following company values

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Canopy Tools was formed in 2017 with a goal to build innovative market-changing products. 

The company’s flagship product is Canopy Manage. Canopy Manage is a Next-Gen IoT and IT asset health management tool that automates discovery of assets across IoT environments and informational assets and traditional on-premises ICT environments, modern cloud platforms & services to provide a single aggregated view of assets across the modern enterprise. ​
Canopy Manage delivers insight into IT & IOT assets grouped into logical sets to reflect the business structure. API integration into existing systems allows for Canopy Manage to become the simple to use, single control point for all asset management.  It’s IT management for business people with granular role-based access and views.​

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Adams Consulting Group was formed in January 2003, to provide quality IT services for small to medium sized business and industrial clients. Today, Adams Consulting Group has an excellent reputation in the IT industry and is expanding rapidly. Large corporate enterprises clients have been quick to pounce on this growth, and have engaged our personnel to assist with cutting-edge projects.